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Ethical film by ethical means

Griot Creative believes that we are the sum of the stories we tell about ourselves. And so, to achieve positive change in the world we must find ways to present our stories in a positive way.


Hywel’s (Griot Creative’s Director) experience in main-stream broadcasting suggests the popular view is that a story won’t sell unless it’s dramatic and there is no drama without conflict. So, the media is looking to find conflict in every story it considers. These experiences don’t align with Hywel’s desire to use the tools of media representation to create a cleaner, greener more equitable world.


“Everywhere I have been in the world,” says Hywel, “I meet people who want to love their young, put a roof over their heads and have hope for the future.


“There’s more that unites us in our human experience than will ever divide us into racial groups, religious groups, gender preferences or national identities.


“If we can understand ourselves we can understand each other.


“If we can understand each other we can create a world of peace and tolerance, instead of one divided by wealth and opportunity set against hunger and need.


“In learning to tell other people’s stories I have been able to find my own, in finding my own I am better placed to tell the stories of others.”


Hywel, Director of Griot Creative

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