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Science Films

Our science films have touched on geology, palaeontology, archaeology, tephra-chronology and ecological conservation. We have produced science documentary films all over the UK and the globe and Griot Creative director Hywel George is a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institution.

Small Places Big Stories

FRAGSUS is a collaborative research programme currently being undertaken by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, University of Cambridge, University of Malta, and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Malta.


The project looks at Fragility and Sustainability in restricted island environments – Adaptation, Culture Change and Collapse in prehistory.


This trailer introduces us to the multidisciplinary research taking place in Malta in the context of the FRAGSUS project, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the first excavations done by Temi Zammit, the grandfather of Maltese archaeology.


Who were these prehistoric inhabitants of the Maltese archipelago? Why did they travel there? How did this society rise and fall?

No Man Is An Island

Film commissioned by the Department of Geology at the University of Lund – documenting the journey of a group of researchers to the remote Nightingale island, where they investigate climate change.

Iceland Trailer – Stockholm University Department of Geological Sciences

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