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Academic Films

In academia we have worked all over the world on a variety of academic film projects, being retained for a number of years by Stockholm University, making public outreach films on climate change research. We have also undertaken academic film production projects with Swansea, Cardiff and Queens (Belfast) Universities and have had science films on display in the British Science Museum, the Smithsonian Institution and the Nobel Museum.

Ash Ice Mud | Swansea University

This video explores climate changes which have occurred in the past, heating the planet and impacted the face of the Earth and it’s people considerably. In preparation for the future, a team of scientists led by Professor Siwan Davies (Department of Geography, Swansea University) investigates microscopic volcanic ash buried deep within the Arctic ice and the mud of the sea-bed – evidence of these volatile changes and the key to understanding future climatic occurrences.
For more information, visit Swansea University’s Geography website.

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