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Environmental Films

As environmental filmmakers we made the slate of films responsible for winning the title European Green Capital for the city of Bristol and have had films on display at the Conference of the Parties (COP) 15 and 21 in Copenhagen and Paris.

New Earth Solutions

Helping the City of Bristol achieve its claim of being zero-waste-to-landfill this astounding plant in Avonmouth is eeking the last drop of value out that which the city’s residents no longer need.

How Green Is Fairtrade?

Energy Waste and Water

FROM THE SEA - clean water in MOMBASA

Mombasa, Kenya's second city, is growing fast - putting pressure on the already challenged supply of clean drinking water. But that could be about to change! A ground-breaking new plant is addressing the issue, from the abundant resource that lies off the coast, all powered by the other resource Kenya has in measure - the Sun.

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